Apply: Assistive Technology

Learn about assistive technology and online tools to increase access for all learners

Post-Reflection: In the "Apply" section, you are asked to put theory into practice and apply your new learning. Begin by opening up the pre-reflection document you downloaded on the "Thing" page. Update the "Define," "Connect," and "Apply" sections with your post-reflection about how your new learning has or will change your instructional practice.

Digital Artifact: Next, CHOOSE from one of the options below OR use an activity/template you completed during this "Thing."  Create a digital artifact to demonstrate competency for this "Thing."


Create a SETT framework form to be used in your organization. Design a form that works best in your school/district. 

Does your staff need an electronic form or a hard copy form? What is an accessible format for all that may use it? What student demographic information should be included? How much descriptive information about how to fill out the form should be included? 

If you want a reference to help you design your form, make a copy of the Region IV SETT framework.


Create a basic training for your colleagues about what you learned in this “Thing” - specifically about the SETT framework.  

Make sure to include what the SETT is, why it’s important and consider who needs to know and understand a SETT.

For ideas on this refer to Thing 4 - Blended Learning.


Design a process or checklist for who may be involved with SETT. Include who should be notified and how.

What does an implementation plan look like? Consider what should be included in the plan and how to avoid common errors.                   


Assess resources available to you to aid in using the SETT Framework in your school/district. 

  • Are there assistive technology specialists that could guide you?
  • What AT do you have access to? 
  • Is there a loan closet in your area, county or state?


Share your learning about the SETT framework with your local or global digital network. 

Share the SETT framework form and one new idea you learned from the SETT process. 

Actively engage in meaningful dialogues by posting, sharing and following.

Use the #21things4 hashtag where appropriate.  




Analyze how the SETT could improve AT practices and legal requirements within your school/district.


Now that you understand the consideration and selection process of Assistive Technology, integrate the use of the SETT Framework into your school/district. Think about how you might do this by asking yourself these questions:

  • What will this specifically look like for your building?
  • How will SETT Frameworks be completed and who will be involved?
  • Where will you find it?
  • Will it be attached to the IEP?
  • Who will need a copy of the completed SETT Framework?
  • What members of the students team will need to be involved and then trained?


Advocacy is strongly embedded in Assistive Technology. The SETT Framework allows for this advocacy from all team members: the student, the parent, the general education teacher, the special education teacher, therapists, and so on. This also involves advocating for a good consideration process and developing an action plan that includes the SETT Framework.

Think about your district’s consideration process and action plans surrounding Assistive Technology. 

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